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Welcome to my podcast where I tell you more than you ever asked about. I will make you laugh until you pee, always tell you the truth, share with you my most vulnerable thoughts and all of my BEST, juiciest stories. Sometimes we'll even invite a guest to join us. We'll talk mental health, relationships, sex, parenting, motherhood, sobriety and whatever the the hell else comes out of my delirious mouth. Ok yay. Talk soon.

Nov 2, 2023

Have you ever tripped with your Mom? She’ll share what her drug of choice was and something she never realized until now… We’ll cover the history of bra wearing and how we feel about letting the girls run free now. From hilarious incidents with our kids to our least favorite part of parenting– nothing is off limits. 


Finding Laura Clery:


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Episode Breakdown:


-00:40 Yoga breathing 


-1:20 The divorced shimmy 


-2:00 Mom on psychedelic water


-2:30 Be sure to subscribe and comment 


-4:40 The NO bra moment 


-7:40 Singing break 


-9:48 Answering questions from the audience


-11:24 Brutaful= brutal + beautiful 


-15:00 Singing break pt.2


-19:22 Mom is tripping hard


-21:29 Are we becoming our mothers? 


-21:49 AG1 has become a part of my daily routine, it’s amazing. If you order through me at you’ll get FREE 1-year supply of immune supporting vitamin D and 5 free travel packs. 


-30:32 The biggest shock yet 


-45:00 What are your thoughts on selfies? Comment below 

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