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Welcome to my podcast where I tell you more than you ever asked about. I will make you laugh until you pee, always tell you the truth, share with you my most vulnerable thoughts and all of my BEST, juiciest stories. Sometimes we'll even invite a guest to join us. We'll talk mental health, relationships, sex, parenting, motherhood, sobriety and whatever the the hell else comes out of my delirious mouth. Ok yay. Talk soon.

Apr 9, 2018

Don't miss these funny prank call ideas Laura Clery comes up with featuring Helen Horbath and her granny. 

Finding Laura Clery:


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TikTok & Youtube & Facebook: @Laura Clery

Instagram: @lauraclery

Episode Breakdown:

-0.00 Intro

-0.20 "And we're off!"

-3:03 Thanks for all the downloads of Episode 15! 

-3:35 Laura doesn't like facials

-4:25 Stephen DOES like facials 

-11:05 Breaking up: Cold hard truth or sweet sweet lies. Thoughts?

-14:55 L.A is a place where dinner leads to fist-cuffs

-19:04 1-800-sex-calls

-24:28 Let the FB Live prank calls begin!

-37:53 Wendy's does NOT take reservations. Smh.

-43:09 Little Debbie is a savage

-47:16 Dollar Store Dildos

-50:10 Helen saw Granny at The Marriot

-57:41 Chinese french fries

-1:00:46 You don't want to miss this Helen prank call!!

-1:06:49 Outro