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Welcome to my podcast where I tell you more than you ever asked about. I will make you laugh until you pee, always tell you the truth, share with you my most vulnerable thoughts and all of my BEST, juiciest stories. Sometimes we'll even invite a guest to join us. We'll talk mental health, relationships, sex, parenting, motherhood, sobriety and whatever the the hell else comes out of my delirious mouth. Ok yay. Talk soon.

Feb 23, 2023

Are you ready to learn about my Mother’s past? Well, my Mom is back in town to let us know what made her who she is today. She’ll share with us her biggest life regret, and how to make light of difficult situations. It may really surprise you. Bonus, you’ll also hear my Mom’s tips for aging and handling life as it’s thrown your way. 

Finding Laura Clery:


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Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 My Mom is back in town and she’s not an idiot

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-2:00 Who's my Mom’s favorite? 

-4:30 Chasing dopamine has got me exhausted

-5:47 The biggest regret of my Mom’s life  

-6:30 This is what happens when you call 911 over and over again as a 6 year old

-10:44 My Mom had a sleepover with her BFFs of 40 years 

-13:31 The craziest shit my parents got into when they were hippies 

-14:00 My Dad thinks I need to try acid 

-19:30 Have my Mom and Dad ever broken up before?

-22:00 My favorite childhood memory 

-26:00 Did I drug my Mother? 

-27:00 My Mom’s worst drug experience 

-31:30 How to appreciate aging 

-37:00 What role religion had in my upbringing

-40:23 Comment what your favorite part of the episode was

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