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Welcome to my podcast where I tell you more than you ever asked about. I will make you laugh until you pee, always tell you the truth, share with you my most vulnerable thoughts and all of my BEST, juiciest stories. Sometimes we'll even invite a guest to join us. We'll talk mental health, relationships, sex, parenting, motherhood, sobriety and whatever the the hell else comes out of my delirious mouth. Ok yay. Talk soon.

Jul 9, 2018

This podcast episode took 4 attempts to make, but we did it! And we're grateful and excited to share this conversation with you about happiness, sobriety, and funny stories about all of it. 

Finding Laura Clery:


Read Idiot & Idiots

TikTok & Youtube & Facebook: @Laura Clery

Instagram: @lauraclery

Episode Breakdown:

-0:00 Intro (please excuse the crazy sound glitches in the first 7 minutes).

-2:13 Podcast attempt number 4. 

-3:20 Hilarious comedian wants out Help Helen Smash Facebiik Group

-4:31 Funny story you won't believe about The Dollop Podcast and Fetty Pug. 

-9:25 Family trip and "disease factories" survived. 

-12:18 What kind of guests do want to hear on the podcast? Let us know in the iTunes comments.

-13:08 Demonitized for new Help Helen Smash video

-17:38 Logan Paul & other digital creators also losing monetization.

-22:17 Inspirational Tony Robbins publicly "missed the point of #metoo movement"

-25:46 More scandal stories around older men missing the point

-26:43 Strange death stories involving celebrities & social media

-29:46 A dose of inspiration & the power of gratitude

-32:52 Stephen Hilton's uncomfortable yoga story

-35:51 Funny sponsor story & understanding the steps to getting & staying sober

-46:04 Laura Clery on Practicing Happiness

-56:03 Outro