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Laura Clery, the snapchat-filter queen and digital star with over 5 million followers, delves past her famous characters and into the behind-the-scenes life of Laura. Cohosting with her husband Stephen Hilton, a renowned film composer, the two explore any and all topics and stories. With a few guest appearances from the characters that put Laura Clery on the map.

Feb 26, 2018

Who knew Stephen pisses on the floor, loves russian landlords and hip-hop music? Okay, you'll just have to listen. 

-0.00 Intro

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-2:19 "No you go first"

-3:50 Poor Oliver

-4:43 Mating in Captivity & unsolicited advice 

-9:13 Horders be cray

-18:30 Stephen loves hip hop

-22:57 "What's a little piss on the floor!"

-25:20 Russian landlord ladies

-29:48 Coming to America

-32:29 Helen's progression: Prosthetic? Animation? or Hybrid??

-38:38 Holly Butcher's Viral Facebook Letter "Give, give, give!"

-42:48 Questions from fans

-47:42 Outro