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Welcome to my podcast where I tell you more than you ever asked about. I will make you laugh until you pee, always tell you the truth, share with you my most vulnerable thoughts and all of my BEST, juiciest stories. Sometimes we'll even invite a guest to join us. We'll talk mental health, relationships, sex, parenting, motherhood, sobriety and whatever the the hell else comes out of my delirious mouth. Ok yay. Talk soon.

Oct 26, 2023

Adam Rose and I are addicted to attention. But that’s okay, we accept it. We’ll cover our childhood (trauma), the scandalous side of comedy, and things we would NEVER DO…again…


Finding Laura Clery:


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Instagram: @lauraclery 


Episode Breakdown:


-01:20 Adam Rose and I are getting deep and controversial 


-2:37 Turning to Google for answers 


-7:10 Welcome to our PSA 


-7:30 Write in the comments below if we saved your life 


-7:44 Adam’s life story 


-10:30 Goats could never 


-22:14 Cooking, stealing, & BBQ’s


-33:08 Amber alert 


-35:00 Cigarette talk 


-38:36 October 29th is my sober anniversary!


-45:01 Using robots 


-48:26 Characteristics of the youngest child


-49:20 The cardigan 3 years later 


-53:40 The moment Adam’s life changed


-1:00:00 Where Adam started vs. Where he is now


1:02:43 Adam + Fortnite (the biggest game in the world) 


-1:07:24 Adam’s a family man 


-1:21:11 Butt diversity 


-1:32:00 String theory explained! 


-1:44:37 Only Fans but make it Only Cardigans instead  


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